From the Asylum: August 09, 2018

Insane Politics launched during the evening of April 10, 2017. As of August 9, 2018, the original site contained over 5,800 article links.

Today we are announcing a “New Site, New Goals, New Perspectives.”

New Site

Linking to articles and voting on the best one of the day is great but the interactions on the site among members has been very poor. A change was needed to bring out the importance of political discourse above political party talking points.

New Goals

The site is going to move toward objective reporting. This is going to be challenging. We are going to attempt to distill the day’s news into facts, not fictions or opinions. This is a lofty goal.

New Perspectives

Politicians lie. Staff protect the lies. Opinion hosts repeat the lies. We are here to push a different perspective – a perspective of consistency. We are no longer in an era of identity politics but one of beliefs. We are a divided country and maybe pointing out the flaws from all the arguments will help others relax.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton